answer sheet #0937156



choose one

answer sheet #0937156

Spouse / Partner

Children Under 18



Other Relatives

Children Over 18

No one - travel solo

Tour group

answer sheet #0937156

No - I stayed in my country

Yes - I traveled to another country

answer sheet #0937156

1 to 3 days

4 to 5 days

6 to 8 days

9 to 10 days

11 to 14 days

15 to 18 days

19 to 21 days

22 days or more

answer sheet #0937156

Swim and go snorkeling

Collect shells and build sandcastles

Check email and Facebook

Hike and go running

Nude or topless sunbathing

Go canoeing or Kayaking

Enjoy alcoholic beverages

Fish and go boating

Water and jet ski

answer sheet #0937156

I want to get a massage and visit a spa

I want to visit new locations and explore

Price and travel time are most important to me

I want a family-friendly beach and activities

I want to find the best, most delicious food

I like to sunbathe and do nothing

I like visiting art stores and museums

I'm interested in sharks and sea life

I want to be near shopping and high-end hotels

I want to party and enjoy nightlife

Because you took a beach trip in the past year and traveled with friends.

Because you stayed in your home country and spent 4 to 5 days at the beach.

You're always-floatin' because you fish and go boating.

You're club lovin' because you want to party and enjoy nightlife.

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